Need help navigating the Seville Feria?

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Rebujito? Who’s that?

Do you know what people spend most of their time on during Feria de Abril? Besides asking for rebujito, of course. The answer is looking for their group of friends at the main entrance ("portada", useful word to remember) and finding that "caseta" (surely you already knew this one) that they told you yesterday about but you don't quite remember where it is now.

I am Rebujito, your virtual assistant to help you find your caseta. I can't help you find the portada yet, but you will see my friend Curro there at the top to guide you.

I am a chatbot, a computer programme designed to let you interact with the information in a way as simple as a conversation. We chatbots are learning to help you more day by day. Thanks to Natiboo I have made just in time to enjoy together this Feria.

If you are wondering "why not an app?", let me answer it. Chatbots are a new interactive tool with many advantages over apps and websites. We load much quicker, don’t require installation and are available in any device, regardless age or operative system.

I can help you thanks, among other things, to open data made available by the Sevlle city council.

Would you like to learn more about chatbots and see more examples? You are very welcome to pay as a visit at Natiboo and share your thoughts with us. Feel free to introduce us to your friends so that we can help them too.

Enjoy a rebujito on us!